Access Note Board from mobile

Access your notes from your mobile from You can create a shortcut to the web on the home screen to access it as if it were a native application (instructions below). The current Google play and iTunes applications will not be updated any more and will end up disappearing from the stores, the web application will always have the latest news.

Create shortcut on mobile

1. Login by checking the "Remember me" option to avoid having to login every time you access the application.

2. Once you see your notes, create the shortcut by accessing the browser menu (three dots on the top right) and choose the option "Add to home screen". In iOs you will have to use Safari to create the shortcut. More details in this website.

Using Note Board on touch screen

The icons for manipulating a note are displayed when you touch a note. When the icons are visible the note can be moved by dragging from the top.

Double tapping on a note maximizes full screen hiding the rest of the interface. To return to normal view, double tap again or use the go back button (on Android).

Touching a link will show an icon with an arrow to confirm navigation, touch the arrow to open a tab to that url. This serves to avoid browsing error when playing a note to scroll the board.