Organize your date with sticky notes

  • Write down tasks to remember, pages to visit
  • Capture website content with the Chrome extension
  • Add connections to the notes
  • Share boards or make them public
  • Upload files and save them as notes

Upload all kind of files and create notes with them with a link or showing the embedded content if possible

Create Kanban boards to increase your productivity

Add stickers and plugin notes with different functionalities

With the Chrome or Edge extension you can insert notes on any website that will be displayed every time you visit it.


Increased productivity

Organize your tasks and increase your productivity with Kanban boards.


Share boards

Share boards in real time, work at the same time with the same notes between several components of a team.

You can also make a board public so that anyone can see it but not modify it.


Easy to work with

Easy to use with a fully customizable experience. Upload images to put in the background, choose between different text sources, change the subject on the options page.