How can I rename a board?
In the selection panel board or in green board buttons double click on the name to change.
Can I move a note to another board?
Yes, you can use the little icon of two arrows or drag the note to the name of the target board, the note becomes semi-transparent when is in the right place to move. To do this the panel board or the list of buttons must be visible to select the board.
I invited a friend to share a board and he can't see my notes
When you invite a friend to share, he has to register with the same email you used to invite, but so is unable to accept the invitation. If he wants to register with another email send the invitation again to that address.
How can I change the default font?
Click on "Font" and select the one you like to change the default font. Use "+" and "-" to change the default size.
How can I change my password?
In login page click on "Forgot password? ", You will receive an email with a link to change your password.
How can I insert a youtube?
Just copy the youtube URL and the note will be created with a video frame. If you are using the extension and are watching the video on youtube, right click the mouse button to capture the page, it will save the embedded youtube
I'm registered but I would like to use the Facebook login without losing my notes.
You can migrate to your Facebook user account from the Chrome extension. Click on the green button with your name to disconnect, click again to log in with Facebook, the notes will be copied to your new user account associated with Facebook.

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